Testing & Inspection

At Aquarius Plumbing & Heating Ltd. we offer yearly State of Michigan CSD-1 boiler inspections and backflow preventer testing. Backflow preventer testing is only in Genesee and surrounding counties.

CSD-1 Boiler Inspections

The State of Michigan's boiler safety requirements state that all commercial boilers must be inspected and must be boiler code compliant.
Aquarius Plumbing & Heating is a Michigan licensed boiler installer and can test and certify your boiler. During our inspection we will also thoroughly clean the boiler and perform a tune up, something many other companies don't do during their inspection.

Backflow Preventer Testing

The State of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Michigan's Safe Drinking Water Act, P.A. 399, 1976 (As Amended), Michigan Plumbing Code, and local townships' Cross Connection Control Ordinance require backflow prevention device installation and regular testing.
Harvey Gross of Aquarius Plumbing & Heating is a Michigan licensed master plumber and has obtained the necessary certification to test backflow preventers. If your backflow preventer needs to be tested call us today. Only available in Genesee and surrounding counties.